Half set eyelash extensions .......... $39
 Full set eyelash extentions............ $60

For busy moms and working ladies, this is a perfect time saver!

Eyelash perming ....... $25
Perfect curls last 1 to 2 months. No more hassle using eyelash curlers!

Current facial Specials
( All prices are tax included)

3 treatment package ( good for use within one year )

Moisturising lymph facial treatment          ( 60min.) x 3
Moisturising lymph lift up facial treatment ( 75min.) x 3
Tea tree Acne facial treatment                  ( 75min.) x 3

Monthly Plan
Moisturising lymph facial treatment
Twice a month plan A $ 62
Four times a month plan D $116

Moisturising lymph lift up facial treatment
Twice a month plan B $ 70
Four times a month plan E $132

Tea tree Acne facial treatment
Twice a month plan C $ 70
Four times a month plan F $132

  • We have a package for you, whether it's a special occasion or regular maintenance. Having a facial treatment regulary helps improve your skin condition, slow signs of aging, and help improve your mental health. Look forward ten years.
  • We offer a combination of European facial massage and Asian treatment methods to maximize skin care benefits. A visit to the spa is both relaxing and healthy.
  • We custamize the cosmetics for each treatment and each skin condition. we only use safe, botanical based, natural cosmetic blends (no artificial perfumes, no harmful chemicals and no mineral oil).
  • Shiatsu penetrates deep into the muscle, lymph, glands, and nerves. Shiatsu massage activates skin functions, stimulates tissue regeneration and blood circulation, and helps maintain a fresh, moist, smooth skin.
  • We combine gentle facial shiatsu and lymphtic facial treatment.
  • Now you dont't have to go to Paris or Tokyo to get first class Esthetic treatment. Just Enjoy our relaxing cozy spa in your neighbourhood at an affordable price!


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